nOeser clothes stay best washed at a maximum of 40 degrees. Just like all other clothing with prints on it, nOeser clothes stay best washed “inside out”. The reason for this is: during the washing process clothes “rub” their colours off to each other. That would be such a pity!

The colours of the prints stay freshest if you wash them with your white/ light laundry, so the lighter colours in the print don’t fade. That sounds exciting, but works really well!

It is ok to put nOeser clothes in the dryer. For ironing it is also best if you do this inside out.

And what to do with stubborn stains? Here are some tips from our own experience:

  • You can get rid of milkstains by soaking the piece of clothing in cold water with a drop of lemon juice for a night. Don't ever use warm water, because this will work the opposite way and the texture will absorb the stains even more;
  • Poo stains can be treated best by rinsing them out with cold water before washing in your washing machine. Now, if you aren't able to do your laundry right away, you can let the piece of clothing soak in cold water for a while (even with some detergent if you would like);
  • Carrotstains should be rinsed out with cold water as soon as possible and can be left outside in the sun to dry;
  • Red fruit stains (strawberries, berries, etc.) can be taken care of very easy. All you have to do is dab with shaving cream, let it soak for a little while and then wash it in your washing machine;
  • Gras en mudstains can be removed by using green soap. Just dab the green soap on the stains and let it soak for a little while. then wash it in your washing machine.