Babies have not developed a robust immune system yet and are more susceptible to allergies and eczema. Because organic cotton does not contain toxic substances, it is more polite for your babies skin. Organic cotton is also softer and breaths better.

Chemicals used in regular cotton production are bad for air, soil, and all people working with it. That's why nOeser only uses GOTS certified cotton. GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard. To receive a GOTS certificate a producer must guarantee a lot of things...

That is because GOTS sets high standards throughout the whole production process. The whole production process should be ecological, economical and socially sustainable. GOTS regularly checks if all steps in the production chain are conform their high standards of labour, waste processing, transport, packaging and use of chemicals.

nOeser works with a producer who values GOTS principles highly and works hard to carry the certificate every season again. By doing so, nOeser wants to be good for your baby and the world around us! 

For more information see Of course you can request a copy of our GOTS certificate via