nOeser offers original, organic cotton kids clothes. nOeser stands for “be nutty, be nice”. “Be nutty” because we love nuttiness. Thats way there is always a little wink or a fun detail in our beautiful prints. “Be nice” because we love to do good. We work with organic cotton, produced in Europe. Plus we always make sure to provide excellent service to our customers. Thats why mothers want nOeser for their little ones!


Annuska is the founder of nOeser and focuses on the (marketing) strategy and accountability.Together with designer Susan she comes up with the “nutty” prints and coordinates the production process of our collection in Europe. 


Daan makes sure that nOeser is available in the most beautiful stores in the Netherlands and Kathleen in Belgium, while Marloes ensures our brand is well represented abroad.


Jikke and Iris are responsible for a flawlessly run back office and take care of our customer communications (retailers and consumers). Isa and Julie are the creators of our beautiful marketing materials. 

Do you have any questions or would you like to share something? Please feel free to contact us!


Annuska Toebast-Wensink 
Daan Samson 
Iris 't Hoen
Isa Duursma
Julie Buijs
Jikkenien Bartelds-Boorsma   
Marloes Hilbers-van den Mortel
Kathleen Geysen