Enjoy the little things

We believe in happiness. Happiness can be found in all the things around you: music, an afternoon shopping, funny bloopers. Rain can be annoying when you are on the bicycle, because your mascara is dripping down your cheeks and you can get wet from head to toe.  But… without rain there’s no rainbow... and when you see a rainbow your heart will make a little jump. Maybe you will not see it immediately, but in almost everything is something what can make you happy. 

Everyday you wear clothes. We want to make you and your little one happy everyday with the beautiful nOeser clothes!

Live positive with a wink

Does your child do something awkward or silly? Don‘t be ashamed, just go with it. Enjoy of his/her open-mindedness, pure honesty and don‘t hold back because of so called “adult behavior”.

Enjoy the beauty and fun of every little moment and guilty pleasures. You and you’re little one putting ice cream on each others nose. Showering with all your clothes on. And when your little one putts diaper cream all over the tv, well it isn’t fun.. but it is a good story to tell at parties.

That is why we say: BE NUTTY!!!

Get inspired

Our collections are always inspired by a new theme. Based on the theme we make pretty or silly prints. Things that make us happy. We love to take you and your child with us in our imagination through our collections. 

And instead of reading a bedtime story to your little one you can tell your child about his/her nOeser outfit of the day: “What did the turtle do today? Where did the shark on your pants swim to today? And… did he save people, or did he catch the bad guys?”. Or (how pedagogical) you can ask what the turtle on his/her shirt what made him happy today...

Thanks from the next generation

With the birth of your baby, often an “idealist” in you is born too. Also when vitamins were not always on top of your shopping list. You want to do everything right for your baby. That means attention for the world around you, with healthy food and responsible clothing. We stand for clothes for children, not by children. That is why we say: BE NICE!!!

From holland with love

We’re proud that we’re dutchies and we are inspired by our national history. We know there is more to discover thanks to the VOC-travellers; by our tulips how you can grow something beautiful; from our soccer heroes that you never need to stop playing; and from Amsterdam how silly you can be.

The best of the Netherlands is in nOeser. That’s what makes nOeser almost as pretty as your little one.